Experienced electrician

CW/CE Program

The IBEW’s construction wireman/construction electrician program offers experienced electrical helpers and electricians the opportunity to become part of the union without having to begin at the “bottom” as a first year apprentice.


It is true we pay dues to be apart of the union, we currently pay $42.00 a month in non-working dues and 5% assessment for every hour worked. This money goes to the offices and union hall so that someone is looking out for your best interest full time. All of our fringe benefit package is paid by the contractor on top of your hourly wage. When we retire for every year worked we get $32.00 a month back in a retirement fund out of the dues money.


On average union workers can earn up to 20% more than those not covered under a union contract.

For an electrician making $25 per hour, that’s almost $12,000 per year lost.

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Health Insurance

In Georgia, the average cost of health insurance is $448 per month. This can go as high as $1,400 for a family of 4.

For an electrician this can mean

$2.58to $8.75 per hour lost

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Experts agree that a person should save around 15% of gross wages per year to be able to retire.

An electrician making $28 per hour should be saving $4.20 per hour at a minimum


Working with the IBEW we have negotiated a list of hand tools that we the members must provide to work with all other tools, including power tools are provided by the contractor per our contract!!!!

To apply for IBEW 1316’s CW/CE Program you must provide the following documentation:

  • Five years or more of experience in the electrical construction field (verifiable through check stubs, W-2s, or from a printout from the Social Security Administration)
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card/or equivalent documentation of legal work status

After you have gathered the above information, bring ALL of the required documentation to: 1046 Patterson Street, Macon, Georgia 31204.

  • You will be given a written exam to assess your electrical knowledge and based on that score you may be scheduled for a hands-on evaluation.
  • After you have completed the required assessments, you will be given your rank.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please call our office at (478)743-9190
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