For over 79 years, IBEW Local 1316 has been in cooperation with some of the largest and most profitable electrical contractors in our jurisdiction. Our relationship with NECA (National Electrical Contractor’s Association) has been built on a foundation of mutual respect between the employers and IBEW members.

The professional electricians of IBEW Local 1316 have a great deal of respect for the signatory electrical contractors we partner with. We recognize the risks an electrical contractor takes when starting a business.  We honor any contractor that chooses to compete in our industry, but refuses to settle for lower industry standards. Our contracts are partnerships that have been developed to bring security and stability to the entire industry which helps members and contractors thrive. Please take a moment to read on about some of the benefits you will have as an electrical contractor signatory to an IBEW agreement.

Benefits of Becoming an IBEW Signatory Electrical Contractor

A flexible, well trained, professional electrical workforce available over night.

As electrical workers, it is crucial that we are able to meet the needs of the industry while ensuring our own survival when the need is not so great. Since our contracts are structured with the understanding that some electricians and techs may experience unemployment, we are able to maintain a referral list of qualified workers for you to call up with relatively little notice. Our members understand that employers are under a lot of pressure and keeping employees busy during slow times shouldn’t add to that pressure. Our dispatch system is set up so that you get exactly who you need, when you need them. You can grow or contract your labor force on your terms.

The contracts we negotiate encourage responsibility and individual accountability.

As a business owner, you understand planning and preemption are the most powerful skills that you use to move your business forward. Poor management often leads to higher costs and greater vulnerability to sudden change. The same is true for your employees. We don’t just negotiate large sums of money to dump into the “labor” column on your balance sheet. The benefits we negotiate provide hedges against sudden, unforeseen circumstances. Full-family healthcare, livable retirement, state-of-the-art training facilities, and market development initiatives to promote our industry are just some of the planning tools our negotiated wage packages provide. That type of security helps the contractors and members alike. No more “greener pasture seekers,” because we have the tools to keep our pastures whatever color we choose.

Assistance, both financial and informational, to expand your market.

Our members believe in our contractors and we invest in their success. The staff at IBEW Local 1316 is knowledgeable and helpful and we appreciate any opportunity to help an electrical contractor succeed. We will make the commitment and invest in your business, when the opportunity to benefit the entire industry presents itself. There may be markets that you could be competitive in, but you may not immediately have the resources to break into. We may be able to help because those same markets are important to us. Occasionally, a threat from a less-reputable business may present itself in one of the markets you operate in. Those threats may come from fraud or non-compliance or they may just be from a contractor trying to undercut the market rate to keep busy. Those practices are bad for the entire industry and Local 1316 will go to any legal length to ensure that state and federal laws are followed and that responsible business strategies prevail.


Many public and some private electrical contracts require that certain disadvantaged groups make up a certain percentage of the workforce. The outreach we do on a continual basis has given us the most diverse electrical workforce in the industry. By becoming a signatory electrical contractor with IBEW Local 1316, you instantly have access to that workforce which means you instantly have the ability to bid on millions of dollars worth of work that your company may have been excluded from in the past.

Tracking, reporting, and administrating benefits is no longer your problem.

The work required to track, report, and pay benefits is reduced to a simple program that you enter hours into, then write a check once a month. NECA then pays the appropriate benefit providers and your employees receive their benefits. Our benefits programs are intended to provide actual benefit to the employees, not tie them up in a world of red tape. We administer these benefits efficiently and fairly because it doesn’t make sense to pay for a bunch of programs no one will ever benefit from. When benefits questions come up, your employees will have somewhere to call that they can count on to help them figure it out. We also empower our members with the knowledge they need to navigate most of the benefits plans on their own.