IBEW Multiemployer Pension Plan – Urgent Action

Please see the message below from International Vice President Brian Thompson regarding the IBEW Multiemployer Pension Plan:

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

This week is our only chance to sway members of Congress considering the latest Coronavirus stimulus to remove the composite plan proposal (the GROW Act), which is an existential threat to the survival of IBEW multiemployer pension plans.
I am requesting that you please contact all your members immediately and ask them to contact their Representatives on this crucial issue using the below information provided by Austin Keyser, Director of the IBEW Political Department. Using the attached script, they should respectfully request to contact Nancy Pelosi directly to ask her to pull the Grow Act out of the bill (the informal name of the legislation is the HEREOS Act).
For your further consideration, the following documents are attached:

  1. A letter the IBEW sent to congressional leaders regarding multiemployer pension plan reform
  2. A letter by a coalition of unions opposing the GROW Act’s inclusion in the relief bill
  3. Talking points about the GROW Act
  4. Spreadsheet with contact information of the House Member’s Chief of Staff
  5. Sample phone script

Composite plans would devastate IBEW’s multiemployer plans in the midst of a worsening economic crisis and Speaker Pelosi should remove the GROW Act language from the bill before Congress.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your servicing International Representative.

Fraternally yours,
Brian K. Thompson
International Vice President
IBEW Fifth District

IVP Letter – Pensions – Urgent Action!!!

Phone Script – Composite Multiemployer Pension

Multiemployer Coalition Letter to Congress Concerning Composite Plans

IBEW One Pager Composites Are Bad for Workers

IBEW Letter Regarding Multiemployer Pension Reform

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