Book 2

May 26, 2021

103/24/2021Justin White 558DING
205/06/2021Steward I Henderson 716J.Ranck
305/06/2021Christian J Carriveau 692J.Ranck
405/07/2021Aaron J Adams 153J.Ranck
505/07/2021Rex A Christian Jr. 557J.Ranck
605/07/2021Marc E Johnson 557J.Ranck
705/10/21Donald F Bryant 692J.Ranck
805/10/2021Steve E Schumaker 557J.Ranck
905/10/2021Jody Augenstein 498J.Ranck
1005/10/2021Dustin Merckling 453J.Ranck
1105/21/2021Galen Thompson 508
1205/21/2021Joshua Chavis 495J.Ranck
1305/21/21Leon Allen 495J.Ranck
1405/21/2021Travis Birden 613CR Meyer
1505/21/2021Wallace R Luttermoser 692J.Ranck
1605/21/2021Phillip K Leja 153J.Ranck
1705/24/2021Arthur Archambo 692
1805/24/2021Brian Walker 692J.Ranck
1905/25/2021Anthony Starr 692J.Ranck
You must first sign in person or by fax from your home local. Re-sign for both Book 1 & Book 2 is the 10th through the 16th of each month. You can re-sign using a fax from your home local, an email to, or in person at the office. If you do not re-sign or if you decline 3 opportunities for employment, you will be removed from the available for work list and must first sign in person. When work is available, it will be posted on the JOBLINE (478)746-6325 after 6pm EST.
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