January 27, 2020

110/11/19Eddie Wheelus
212/26/19Gerald Callaway
301/06/2020Jeff KuhnMid GA
401/13/2020Eric ConkellMid GA
501/17/2020James ThompsonMid GA
601/17/2020Wayne MaGouirk
701/17/2020Wess Dunn
801/24/2020Dylan Nickles
901/24/2020Benjamin Pippin
You must first sign in person. Re-sign for both Book 1 & Book 2 is the 10th through the 16th of each month. You can re-sign using a fax from your home local, an email to local1316@ibew1316.com, or in person at the office. If you do not re-sign or if you decline 3 opportunities for employment, you will be removed from the available for work list and must first sign in person. When work is available, it will be posted on the JOBLINE (478)746-6325 after 5pm EST.